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Welcome to my blog!  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and are inspired to cook and bake.  That’s me in the picture with the Hoosier I grew up with.  I remember rolling out sugar cookies and many other fond cooking/baking moments with my family.  My mom had it refinished for us. My great grandmother’s plates are right next to the Hoosier and my great grandmother’s mixer is above.

I cook because I love, it’s as simple as that.  Bill from Penzey Spice said it best:  “cooking is kindness.”  I truly believe that.  I love my family and friends and I love to cook for them.  I was raised in Indiana (hence the “Hoosier” in my blog title) but currently live outside Washington, DC.  I grew up in the kitchen with my mom and nanny, and more recently also with my dad.  In high school I worked at a local bakery with phenomenal women who taught me all about making fabulous baked goods and gave way to my passion for yeast breads.  My obsession with Kitchen Aid mixers began at the bakery too – and for my birthday in 2009, my fiancé bought me one.  I have no formal training in cooking or baking, I have had amazing mentors (as mentioned above) and a lot of my learning is trial and error.  I thought I would take my cooking journal online to share recipes and ideas to share my kitchen experiences.  I started this blog during graduate school (cooking, baking, and dissertating!) and now am getting back to cooking and baking as much as possible with my new job.  I hope I can inspire you to try new foods and have fun in the kitchen.  And as my Nanny would always say…Mangia (“eat” in Italian)!

I love to hear from my readers!

You can email me at lindsaylou@hoosierbaker.com

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